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The papaya is a large, tree-like, bush with a single growing trunk from 5 to 10 m (16 to 33 ft) tall, with spirally arranged leaves confined to the top of the plant. The lower trunk is conspicuously marked where leaves and fruit were borne. The leaves are large, 50–70 cm (20–28 in) in, deeply lobed, with seven lobes. The tree is usually unbranched, unless lopped. The are similar in shape to the flowers of the plumeria, but are much smaller and wax-like. They appear on the axil of the leaves, maturing into large fruit – 15–45 cm (5.9–18 in) long and 10–30 cm (3.9–12 in) in diameter. The fruit is ripe when it feels soft (as soft as a ripe avocado or a bit softer) and its skin has attained an amber to orange hue.

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