About Us

Organic dried tropical fruit: promoting sustainable agriculture to make a difference

Fine Dried Foods International began with a vision to provide meaningful, stable and healthy work for people living in rural tropical areas while making use of natural resources (fruit) found abundantly in these areas. In designing systems to process readily available fruit in rural communities, we build and operate our factories with the health and wellbeing of our workers in mind. We provide meaningful work that supports our employees’ capacity to meet basic human needs, safe working conditions and fair pay. We produce our exceptional products from fruit, such as mango, that is abundantly available and underutilized in tropical regions around the world.

PHotos of farmer in red cap in mexico

We produce healthy organic products our customers love from the ground up! Our organic processes reduce and/or eliminate any harmful inputs used by conventional agricultural practices.  We work with our partner growers so that they learn and understand the value of sustainable growing methods.  Our agronomists foster this learning every step of the way by making organic processes and materials available so that organic farming practices become the logical and easy choice for them.

Our focus is on the long-term viability of our employee families, our grower partners, the land and our customers. To this aim, we design systems and approaches that safeguard the health and vitality of our employee and farmer communities and of our earth´s natural resources while producing the best dried tropical fruit in the world.